Incunesia is on a mission for Incubus and their non-profit organization called the Make Yourself Foundation. Click on the link Make Yourself Foundation to your left for more information about this wonderful organization which helps many notable charities around the world.

“Incunesia For Make Yourself Foundation” is an event with a mixture of tribute to Incubus and fund raiser for Make Yourself Foundation. The idea rose and has been on progress ever since Incubus came to Jakarta, Indonesia on March 5th, 2008. It was basically going to be a tribute night only but it has been done several times before in Jakarta and Bandung. So, we thought that we could, and should, take it up a notch. Hence, the birth of “Incunesia For Make Yourself Foundation”.

We figured that aside from doing a tribute night for Incubus, we could also raise money and awareness amongst Incubus fans and the general public about Make Yourself Foundation. People can come and enjoy the music of credible local Indonesian bands covering Incubus songs, and at the same time, they can help out by donating and/or bid on a silent auction of Incubus memorabilia/ merchandises. The funds will then go to a charity chosen by Incunesia and earmarked by Incubus themselves.

“Incunesia For Make Yourself Foundation” is set on Sunday, April 4th, 2010, at Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta. It’s a fund raising night with a twist of rock ‘n’ roll. Totally legit, totally rockin’ and totally one of a kind. Be on the look out for more updates!

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