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Since Incubus is coming to Brazil and Chile soon, we thought it would be nice to get to know the Incubus fan groups there. Bruna is the creator of Facebook’s Incubus Brazil and Francisco with his Comunidad Incubus Chile. Here is what they have to say about Incubus and their fan groups.

We would like to say thank you to Francisco for your best wishes for Incunesia. Rock on!


Well, I’m the creator of Incubus Brazil in Facebook but I was inspired but some other friends. Here, there’s another social network named Orkut in which was created by Google 8 years ago, and almost every Brazilian Incubus fan I know are there. We have some popular communities for Incubus. Some of them have more them 50.000 members. And have twitter, fotolog and a website as well. I’m one of the co-admin of the fotolog and twitter.

I noticed the amount of groups for another countries and how much the guys appreciate this love so I’m trying to bring the Brazilian love here. Facebook is getting popular for Brazil. I’m willing to invite some other friends to be administrator so they can update when I can’t. Since the group is for Brazilian fans, the updates are in Portuguese but I’m trying to do it in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English so everyone else can support us!

Incubus has a major importance in my life. When I was younger, I face a though time in my life. I was getting apart from family and friends, barely eat or sleep at all. One day, I was watching MTV and ‘Drive’ video started. First, the video caught my attention but then I listened close to the song and it inspired me to get the wheels of my life and I got really better. I believe what makes Incubus such an amazing band is their fans. We’re like a big family all around the world.

Incubus is also a band who write beautiful songs, that is engaged with the planet. You don’t hear that they were caught waisted, DUI (driving under influence), sex tapes scandals or hotel room destruction. They’re cool guys. Only their name is evil. Haha. Most of their lyrics inspire you to be yourself, don’t take bulls*** from anyone, live your dreams and that’s awesome. I wish more youngsters meet Incubus and get inspired by them cause most of the bands and artists nowadays only sings about sex, drinking and etc.

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Bruna Sanches


The first album I heard from Incubus was Morning View, and I immediately felt that I had to find more from them. It didn’t took long between that and the time I started looking for people who shared this great taste in music, and that’s how I end up in Incubus Chile, I can say that some of the best people I’ve met has been found in this place, and I am proud of what we have created so far, and as Mike finishes his part in Look Alive, I also think I’ll be in this for the rest of my life.

I’ve never asked myself so deeply into that actually, why am I in Incubus Chile? If I had to describe the circumstances, well, I luckily got there at the right time, when the wheel just started to spin, and by a series of actions and decisions, I got to where I am now, administrating Incubus Chile. But the efforts are not only mine, I always say that Incubus Chile, as today exists, remains thanks to all who have contributed with each post on the message board, every idea and every activity that everybody has been taking part of.

Personally I’m in this because I feel like the band has given me so much through music, that there is a connection I have to transmit to others. I feel an internal responsibility of letting people know about the band and the great ability they have to wrap your life with their music and that each song will be a great part of your future memories over the years.

Everyone at Incubus Chile is contributing at making important decisions, whether to create t-shirts, banners, website designs, etc. or to organize meetings all across the country. My favorite part in all of this is communication with the outside world, via Facebook, twitter, email, and the constant communication with Steve Rennie, who patiently answers all my questions.

As a reward for all of what we have done, in my own view, I had the chance to meet the band in 2007, appear in the Podcast #3, get the video from the band to all the Incubus fans in here, and many of the messages Ren has sent us. All of this is the engine that takes us towards newer and bigger things to do. Today we are, just as you did in Incunesia, starting our project for Make Yourself Foundation.

My personal mission (and wishes) when I started in this suddenly became the mission and wishes of the whole Community which is to transmit and share what we love and appreciate from Incubus, and as important as that, a place to meet new people and why not, new friends. That’s the magic of Incubus to me, the magic that unites people.

Good luck in all the new projects at Incunesia and I hope the band can go to your country as soon as possible. Thank you very much for this space the space you gave us to share our thoughts on this awesome band. We are looking forward to hearing from you again; we will help you spread the word about anything you ask us to.

Smile and look alive,
Francisco Stiglich

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