When I first made Incunesia on Facebook, I never thought it would become what it has become. I made it cause I wanted a specific private way to channel my liking towards Incubus that I can share with other Incubus fans. I made Incunesia on August 2009 and it was small back then but now we have over 890 members and counting. Now we have our own website, youtube, yahoo, twitter, blog, you name it we’re there! 

When I first thought of making a tribute and charity event, I never thought it would become what it has become either. The idea itself manifested into something words cannot justify. I met new people who understand my admiration and passion towards Incubus. I learned that I can do things that I never thought I’d be able to do. I learned that when there is determination, my dreams can become reality . I’m glad everything worked out so well and it was more than what we expected in the end. I hope Incubus, Make Yourself Foundation, Ren Management and all Incubus fans around the world are proud of what we did. I am super glad that Incunesia pulled this off.

Above all, what makes me the happiest is the fact that I share this with my team who has lent their hands, mind, feet, words, happiness, frustrations, smiles and dreams. I love my Incunesia team. I really do. And it’s funny when I think that all this that came alive from liking one thing, a band called Incubus.